Incubator Africa is an organisation setup by passionate Africans for Africa, we believe that it is time to become deliberate in our efforts to bring each part of the region into a place of sustainable development, able to provide a better quality of life for its citizenry.


As Africans we are uniquely positioned to understand the development needs of our continent and to work collaboratively to develop unique and appropriate models and solutions.



Africa’s greatest wealth is actually its people. Between 2035 and 2050, Africa’s population is expected to reach 2 billion people, out of which 60% is expected to be below the age of 25. No other continent in human history has ever been geared up with such a fantastic force in terms of human capital.



On the other hand, this unique opportunity poses a formidable challenge for the continent that makes it critical to devise a robust plan; one that integrates this emerging workforce and provides all the necessary resources to optimize its potential.



To achieve this, Africans must be mobilized and equipped with relevant skills needed to effectively reform / improve outdated systems and structures in critical areas like Education and all other areas that affect human life like Health, Agriculture, Government, Media and Business Development.

Incubator Africa is a Development Agency* operating on the African Continent that mobilizes and equips Africans to collaborate and actively participate in strategic reform activities across three key sectors: Education & Training, Health and Governance.

Incubator Africa is made up of two organisations, Incubator Africa Limited and Incubator Africa Development Team. We launched our operations in Abuja, Nigeria in November 2011 and in September 2012, we moved to Lagos, Nigeria.



To build and transform Africa through values-driven sector specific Development


To raise values-driven Reform Entrepreneurs who deliver innovative change in the community with focus on education and health


Education, Health and Governance

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Incubator Africa works largely through active collaboration and partnerships with individuals and organisations.