Who we are

Incubator Africa is a Development Agency* operating on the African Continent that mobilizes and equips Africans to collaborate and actively participate in strategic reform activities across three key sectors: Education & Training, Health and Governance.

Incubator Africa is made up of two organisations, Incubator Africa Limited and Incubator Africa Development Team. We launched our operations in Abuja, Nigeria in November 2011 and in September 2012, we moved to Lagos, Nigeria. Over our first five years of existence (2012 – 2017) the focus was on the Education Sphere.  We set out on a mission then to transform educational systems and enhance the learning outcomes in schools. In our effort to achieve this we successfully partnered with governments, agencies and private education providers to improve schools.

In 2018 after a restructuring process, the Incubator Africa business model is now designed to identify and incubate Reform Entrepreneurs who are passionate about projects that will provide solutions to social problems in our focus areas of education, health and governance.

Incubator Africa runs an internal programme that enables Reform Entrepreneurs to imagine and birth their projects by hosting them at the Education Hub, an innovative centre for Reform Entrepreneurs.

Our approach is influenced by research on nations with sustained development and the role that effective reform of social and economic systems played in achieving their national transformation.

*A Development agency is an organisation whose goal is to help develop and support socio-economic growth within a specified city, region or state by providing necessary resources and assistance.

Core Values

  • We believe in building through Collaboration
  • Working in Harmony internally with staff and externally with those we serve and those we call our partners
  • Unreserved wholehearted Respect for others
  • Pushing the boundaries of Innovation through creativity
  • Single-minded determined pursuit of change and reform agendas
  • Transparency in our thoughts and actions


To build and transform Africa through values-driven sector specific Development


To raise values-driven Reform Entrepreneurs who deliver innovative change in the community with focus on education and health


Education, Health and Governance