IA Academy

Following international trade delegation visits IA has been able to secure prospective partnership interest in the provision of joint branded courses that are targeted at improving vocational skills as well as delivery of executive level courses such as Design Thinking in order to assure positive business impact.

Incubator Africa Academy is the technical training arm through which these partnerships and trainings will be achieved. These trainings are certified and are skills specific in such areas as social enterprise management, vocational skills, design thinking, computer programming quality assurance certification etc. IA Academy is the platform through which Reform Entrepreneurs and others can enhance their skills on a continuous basis.

Reform Entrepreneur Programme

IA runs sector specific courses that enable reform-minded individuals to imagine and birth the projects that they believe will bring solutions…

Reform Entrepreneur Programme

IA’s flagship programme, The Reform Entrepreneurs Programme is structured over an intensive period of 12 weekends of training. The course’s objective is…

IA Hub Community

Release for us at Incubator Africa is the pathway through which the impact of our collaborative work is experienced by the larger society.