Reform Entrepreneur Programme

IA’s flagship programme, The Reform Entrepreneurs Programme is structured over an intensive period of 12 weekends of training. The course’s objective is to assure the growth, capacity and chances of success so that those reformers that have been identified, will be ignited to start social enterprise initiatives that will have a measurable impact on the relevant communities.

The expectation is that the following learning objectives will be achieved through the programme in education, health and governance spheres:

  • Make imaginal and visionary-learners
  • The importance of building a workforce of individuals who can work towards the urgently needed reform.
  • Commitment to changing the Nigerian education, health and governance spheres for the better
  • How to rethink and innovate
  • How to engage with a technology platform to deliver innovation
  • Know more about the human rights applicable within the sectors and how they should be protected
  • How to advocate for universal access to good education, health and governance
  • Understand how to align industrial expectations with school curriculum and teachings
  • Know how to create a platform to be a voice of the rights of the less privileged
  • Acquire appropriate tools to raise focused learners
  • Know how to involve and also educate all stakeholders in the sectors’ economy
  • Know how to influence policy makers
  • Learn how to build initiatives that have an impact and that are sustainable
  • Learn how to obtain funding and finance
  • Learn how to use appropriate tools to build sustainable projects
  • Understand how to measure the impact of the work that has been done
  • Learn how to partner and network effectively
  • Identify the correct strategy and put in place clear performance measures

IA’s flagship programme, the Reform Entrepreneur Programme adopts the following strategy;

IA’s transformation model focuses on four key strategy. They are Ideate, Incubate, Initiate and Impact.

Ideate: Through the ideate strategy, we identify people with passion to resolve sector specific problems, ignite the passion through relevant materials, information and network, provide the environment for them to think and design their strategy and provide they community they need to actualise their ideals.

Incubate: IA through its improvements with reforms, has identified the gaps that exist in bringing about reforms. IA through its Incubate strategy, hope to transfer and equip her Reform Entrepreneurs through training, financial support and mentorship while instilling the values that promote society and selflessness.

Initiate: In addressing the much-needed reforms in our sectors of interest, IA help individuals establish initiatives. IA provides access to vital relationships, networking and collaborative opportunities for initiatives borne out of its programme. IA provide the framework for ongoing mentorship and assist in fund raising.

Impact: Impact for IA involve meeting measurable performance target through game chasing programmes that have direct and visible change in systems, sectors and lives of people at the community level.

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