We are governed by a Board of Directors who meet regularly to provide strategic guidance and accountability to the operational leadership of Incubator Africa.

Accountability Board

Abby Olufeyimi

Emmanuel Dania

Alero Ayida-Otobo

(Managing Director)

Incubator Africa Secretariat

The Incubator Africa Secretariat is the ‘engine room’ for Incubator Africa, the Education Hub and Incubator Africa Development Team. It drives the vision, defines strategy and supports the execution of innovative products and projects. It is not a ‘back-office’ made up of departments but it is the epicenter of the organization consisting of units that only exist when required.

Advisory Board & Reform Teams

Our Advisory Board and Reform Team membership is strictly by invitation…

Collaborative Partners

Over the years we have maintained active collaboration with the following organisations…

Cluster groups

We believe it’s only by engaging deliberately and thinking deeply over issues that we can achieve constructive progress…