The Education Hub

The Education Hub is a 308sqm space setup to host transformation activities. Located at the East wing, on the 1st floor at the recently renovated Lagos City Hall,Lagos, Nigeria; the facility offer services that support individuals and organisations to converge, share and initiate profound impact.

On offer at the Education Hub is the latest in technology and highest standards of office furniture and equipment. All desks and chairs are designed to high standards. The space is well lit, bright, welcoming and designed to offer an efficient, modern, secure and comfortable working space.

We have used the space ourselves to converge,  share and develop the following products/ innovative models:

Products (Innovative Models):

  • Early Childhood Learning Solution delivered in partnership with Context Play and Soam Education Consultants.
  • School Transformation & Improvement model executed in partnership with IADT (Incubator Africa Development Team)
  • Low Income Schools Intervention
  • Strategic support of the Teach for Nigeria Initiative – a Teacher Development Model
  • The Dream Centre Incubator & Accelerator Model, a Sustainable Venture Development Programme executed in partnership with Afribiz Group

From 2017 we intend to impact the other spheres through reform initiatives executed by reformers in our Focus Areas

For bookings and more information, Visit us today, contact by email: or call: +234 703 459 4921



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