Young Reformers Network

We developed a Young Reformers Programme (YRP), to raise a workforce of individuals who can work deliberately towards the urgently needed reform in Nigeria;and in the long term across Africa. The YRP programme  is a transformational fellowship programme for young people ages 21-35 who are committed to impacting specific sectors of the Nigerian economy.

We believe that many young people passionate about societal development and reform in Nigeria have zeal and energy but often lack the requisite knowledge and professional expertise to achieve desired sustainable impact.

Through the YRP programme, vibrant and passionate individuals are trained and prepared to become capable reformers to impact Nigeria’s development as well as to sustain development attained for future generations.

Our first two sets in 2013/14 and 2014/15 respectively focused on the Education Sector.



The Education Hub is a 308sqm space setup to host transformation activities. Located at the East wing, on the 1st floor at the recently renovated…


At Incubator Africa, all our activity is targeted at modelling innovative approaches to improve society. The training programmes we run…