Release for us at Incubator Africa is the pathway through which the impact of our collaborative work is experienced by the larger society.

Participants in our innovative programmes and beneficiaries of our bouquet of services are encouraged to:-

  • Create and  join active, vibrant knowledge sharing and learning communities or what we call Cluster Groups.
  • Consider partnerships and collaboration with other competent, innovative and insightful specialists within our Reform Community.
  • Initiate and implement innovative models and projects that bring sustainable development in local communities that can be piloted and scaled up through Incubator Africa Dream Centre.


Individuals and organisations to participate in active reform of society. Through periodic workshops, retreats and learning journeys we gather passionate individuals together to…


Using innovative training approaches we equip participants at our gatherings both online and offline, as well as resource them for strategic reform activities.


We have executed the following since inception


  • NES #20 conference on Education “Transforming Education through Partnerships for Global Competitiveness”


  • Profound Learning Institute training (Imaginal transformation Leaders)
  • Learning Journey to Finland for Rivers State Government
  • Early Learning Centre Project for Oando Foundation


  • EduCluster Training for teachers and school leadership


  • Early Childhood Project in Ghana
  • Learning Journey to Finland for Cross River State Government


Innovative Models

  • Early Childhood Learning Solution delivered in partnership with Context Play and Soam Education Consultants.
  • School Transformation & Improvement model executed in partnership with IADT (Incubator Africa Development Team)
  • Low Income Schools Intervention
  • Strategic support of the Teach for Nigeria Initiative – a Teacher Development Model
  • The Dream Centre Incubator & Accelerator Model, a Sustainable Venture Development Programme executed in partnership with Afribiz Group