Success Stories for Incubator Africa

Teach For Nigeria

Teach For Nigeria started in 2015 at the Education Hub in Lagos City Hall. Several small groups attempted to establish the Teach For All mandate in Nigeria. In January 2014, the CEO Incubator Africa Mrs Alero Ayida-Otobo, called for the first meeting that brought together the various groups and ignited the desire to collaborate and establish Teach for Nigeria.  Incubator Africa played a significant ‘incubating’ role by providing her Education Hub for all activities. A strong Steering Committee initiated and executed the strategic actions that led to the eventual formation of Teach For Nigeria in 2015.

Today, Teach for Nigeria with its focus on developing a movement of leaders across the nation who are committed to putting an end to educational inequity is a huge success. Its vision to see that One day, every Nigerian child will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education” is being vigorously pursued by a strong Teach For Nigeria Team and an active Board made up of prominent individuals. Incubator Africa currently sits on the board of Teach For Nigeria.

Teach For Nigeria has expanded its programmes from Lagos and Ogun States in the first year to Kaduna State. Visit the website – for the amazing story of a successful change initiative.


Graduating from the university, Otto Orondaam felt the need to address the challenge of out-of-school children. In 2012 Otto founded the Slum2School Initiative, which aimed at improving access to education for children who live in hard-to-reach slums across Nigeria. The mission is to harness resources towards bridging the enrolment gap between orphans/vulnerable out-of-school children and children in schools, through the provision of educational scholarships and other psycho-social support programs.

This initiative has since expanded from just covering a school and a handful of students, to reaching out to over 1000 children in slums across Nigeria. Incubator Africa through her CEO chairs the board of Slum2School and provide mentorship to its leadership.

ArcLights Foundation / ASDEN

ArcLight Foundation owners of the Association of Schools Directors and Educator in Nigeria (ASDEN) started ASDEN’s operation from the Education Hub. Its focus is on early childhood education, curriculum development and teacher training. Since its inception, it has partnered with Oando Foundation, Lagos state government, public and private schools in Lagos state.

ArcLights Foundation currently operates from the Education Hub and Incubator Africa, through her CEO, sits on the board of ASDEN. In December 2017 ArcLights Foundation for Educational Development and Improvement gave Alero Ayida-Otobo a Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of her excellent achievement in Education in Nigeria.

Street to School Initiative

Tosin Taiwo developed the idea to establish a school which provides education to out-of-school children on the streets, after her participation in Incubator Africa’s Young Reformers Programme (YRP). Through the YRP, Incubator Africa has provided mentorship and other support to the Street to School Initiative. The initiative has admitted over 100 street children and is providing free education to them.

Incubator Africa Early Childhood Model/Oando Foundation Partnership

Incubator Africa partnered with Oando Foundation to establish an early childhood education development model at the Archbishop Taylor Memorial Primary School in Victoria Island. There are three factors that distinguishes our model namely:

  1. Our focus on child-centred learning through play that reflects the positive aspect of our culture, values and ethos
  2. Emphasis on strong parental and community involvement
  3. Where applicable the use of locally available materials to build the early childhood centres

This model has been replicated in 4 schools in Lagos. Oando Foundation has adopted 80 schools and has reached out to over 12,000 students.

REEL Foundation (Reading to Enhance Excellence in Learning)

Olatunde Ajoke Omoware-Adeola after her participation in the Young Reformers Programme, founded the Reading to Enhance Excellence in Learning (REEL). This initiative envisions a society where all children irrespective of economic status or class have equal learning opportunities and develop skills that will make them globally relevant. Presently, REEL operates two community learning hubs: Agbado E-learning Hub in Agbado and Bethany E-learning Hub, Ijoko, Ogun State. Over 600 persons from 2 local governments in Ogun state have benefited from its programmes.

Over the next five years, it aims to replicate her community learning hubs in a minimum of ​50 underserved communities across Sub-Saharan Africa.